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There’s two positives

June 30, 2009

Stars have extended an offer to Fishsticks, which makes me extremely happy.

But not as happy as them signing Jere Lehtinen to a 1-year deal.  Thank God.  I have been having nightmares about a lack of finns on this team.

Now onto nightmares of being Russianless

Welcome the new coach, Marc Crawford

June 11, 2009

The Stars officially announced today the firing of Dave Tippett and the hiring of new head coach Marc Crawford.  Mark Lamb has also been given the boot. 

I make it no secret I was a big fan of Tippett, but I will give Crawford a chance.  The numbers, however, aren’t too uplifting.   He was fired by the Kings in 2008, so he was not coaching during the 08-09 season, so here are the compareable numbers between both coaches between the 02-03 and 07-08 seasons.

Tippett: 235-121-54 With the Stars
Crawford: 189-163-58 With the Canucks and Kings

That is a big difference.  The one thing he has going for him was winning a Stanley Cup, which Tippett has not done.  But that was also in 1996, 13 years ago.  I’m going to admit, I am definitely a tad worried about this upcoming season.  But here’s hoping that Crawford can prove me wrong in thinking he was a bad choice for coach.

Peace out, yo

March 3, 2009

The New York Rangers have claimed Sean Avery off waivers.  It wasn’t a secret the Rangers wanted them back.  They were who allowed Avery to go to their farm team. 

Can’t say I’m sad or that I’ll miss him.  Good Riddance.

Stars to sign Mark Parrish

November 3, 2008

The Stars have agreed to a one-year, $500K contract with Mark Parrish of the Minnesota Wild.

From the Dallas Morning New Blog:

Parrish is a right-handed right wing, which the team needs, and a natural shooter, which the team needs. He would fit on a line with either Brad Richards or Mike Modano.

Parrish is 31, and was bought out by the Minnesota Wild op July 29. The reason was because the Wild wanted to open up cap space after signing Parrish to a five-year deal at $2.65 million per year in 2006.

On the neagative side, they laid out $5.5 million to make him go away. On the positive side, the Stars are getting a proven NHL player at a significantly low cost.

Best news we’ll probably get all season

October 9, 2008

Ralph and Razor have signed contracts to stay with the Stars until 2013-2014

THANK YOU JESUS!  I heart you Ralphie and Razor.

Just more years of this

Is this the year… Chelios needs glasses to read plays, trades his iPhone for a Jitterbug, and orders a Clapper?

A few goings-on

October 2, 2008

Alrighty, so the Stars have picked up a defensement off waivers, Doug Janik from the Chicago Blackhawks.  Which means, counting Zubov, we have 8 defensemen.  Now I am quite paranoid Fishsticks will be sent to the minors.  Eeek :(

Speaking of the ‘Hawks, they are in town tonight.  And believe it or not, you can hear Ralph and Razor tonight on WBAP calling the game, the only pre-season game aired on BAP this season.   Heika is reporting that Turco is expected to be in goal, but no word yet on if Boucher will play or not.  Brenden Morrow and Nicklas Grossman are also question marks due to hip problems.  Oh Morrownator you best be okay.

Stuuuuuu is officially retired

August 28, 2008

Luckily, it won’t be the last we see of good ole Stu, he has signed a 2 year contract to join No Lip Tipp’s coaching staff as assistant coach.  Stu played 16 years in the NHL, and will definitely be missed on the ice!

The other good news is the Stars also extended associate coach Rick Wilson and assistant coach Mark Lamb’s contracts to 2010-2011.  Rick Wilson was responsible for our awesome penalty killing skills last season.  You know, the one that made us number 1 until the VERY LAST GAME AGAINST THE SHARKS when they stole it.

Tippett’s contract extended

July 14, 2008

Dave Tippett now has a 2-year contract extension through the 2010-11 season.  This makes me extremely happy.  He is such a fantastic coach and can get the job done pretty well.  I have much love and respect for good ole No Lip Tipp!  And now I get to call him that for 2 more years.

That’s right you extend Smitty!

July 14, 2008

So, 3 days after Jay Feaster resigned, the Tampa Bay Lightning gave Smitty a 2-year contract extension.  Bout effing time you came to you senses Bolts and realize YOU NEED HIM instead of shopping his butt around.

Shame on you!

Development Camp: Skills Competition

July 11, 2008

So today was the end of the Dallas Stars development camp.  It ended with a fun skills competition between the black team and the white team.  I really should’ve written down who was on what team, but all I remember is that Austin Smith and Richard Bachman were on the white team and Tyler Beskorowany (TB) was on the black team.

They started with a race around the rink…which the Black team won.  Austin Smith was an extremely good skater, did well with the turns.  And David McIntyre?  That dude is FAST! (He was on the black team, I only remember because I called him giant midget since he had number 65 on)

Then came the relay competition!  Reid Jackson (the 15 year old) was pretty good for being so young!  Philip Larsen had some great ability to change direction quickly and get his butt going.  Austin Smith did really well again, and I couldn’t help but laugh when David McIntyre fell down.  This was one of two events the White team actually won.

Then they had 3 players against the goalies: Richard Bachman and TB.  TB managed to get a shutout, he has a really great glove, and is quick to move to the puck.  Bachman didn’t do too bad, but he comes out his crease way too much and way too far.  If they could break him of that habit, he’ll be fantastic.  Black team won that one, too.

Rapid fire was next, which the Black team won 8-7.  Again, Bachman came way too far out of his crease to face a guy one on one who wasn’t rushing the net.  Then they did the wrap around contest, and even though Bachman stayed in his net, the Black team won this one as well.

The final one was the shootout, which is obviously my favorite.  Luke Gazdic had a GREAT shot.  Austin Smith got some great speed attacking the net and Jamie Benn?  Wow, he did an awesome Jussi type move, dragging his stick with the puck behind him to get it past TB.  White team won that one!

Overall, the Black team won 4-2, but it was so much fun!  I can’t wait for hockey season.

Speaking of Jamie Benn though, the Stars have signed him to a 3-year entry level contract.