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Avery vs. Brodeur tomorrow night.

October 21, 2008

I don’t think anyone will forget this from the last playoff series:

As Ludy put it “this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.”  Let us hope that tomorrow night when the Stars visit the Devils we don’t see this agian.  The Devils are off to a great start this season going 4-1 in their first 5 games.  Brodeur has some extra motivation this year, since this is the year he will probably become the winningest goaltender in NHL history.  Good job Brodeur!!!  Game starts at 6!

A few other notes…

For those who haven’t seen yet, the Stars will be holding only one Dr. Pepper Luncheon this year.  It will take place November 18th at the American Airlines Center.  You can even sit at the table with a player!  The new 3rd jersey’s will be unveiled that night, as well, so you’ll get to be the first people to see it in person.  You can purchase your tickets here.

Also, Ralphie was on NHL Live today and was asked when Lehtinen and Zubov are returning.  His answer:

Zubov probably November 1st-ish, Lehtinen probably next week.


Quick Addition: Just checked some of the scores from tonight and Smitty FINALLY got his first win of the season in net with Tampa Bay!  3-2 in overtime against the Thrashers!

Some quick updates

September 23, 2008

Luckily, I will only be without a computer 2 more days.  Woohoo.  So here is a bit of what is going on.

Each day, a different Star will be blogging about training camp, you can view them all here.

On Thursday, the Stars will be holding a food drive for the Colorado Avalanche preseason game.  All fans that bring canned food items will recieve free pre-season tickets for ANY pre-season home game.  The food is for victims of Hurricane Ike.

The Stars will also be having an open house Saturday, between 10am and 2pm.  The Stars will be practicing from 10 til noon, then until 2 there will be an open skate on the AAC ice!  And again, free pre-season tickets to all who attend.

Stars take on the St. Louis Blues tonight in St Louis, first pre-season game!

The 2008 Icebreaker

September 15, 2008

So, before I get into the greatness that was Saturday, I would like to share some news I personally found exciting.  Last night, while searching through the satellite trying to find something to watch, something caught my eye; “Playoffs: Dallas Stars vs. Detroit Red Wings” was coming on in 20 minutes.  Um what?  So without noticing what channel it was, I switched to the station to see if I got it, and low and low and behold the Stars playing the Blues in Traverse City.  Yes, my satellite company now has the NHL network, and I am just the happiest little person ever in the universe.  That is all.

Now, onto the Icebreaker, another fun year!  More and more people show up every time, but it’s still fun.  I personally only got through 2 lines; Brad Richards and Midget & Russian and Fishsticks.  May I just say how amazed I was that Russian was there.  He did not look too pleased about it most of the time.  Darn contract!  Time for peectures!

Otter talking to the love people at FSN (OMG Stars Live starting soon…)


The 2008 Ice Breaker

August 27, 2008

The all-knowing Heika has posted that the Ice Breaker will be taking place Saturday, September 13 at the Galleria between 11am and 1pm. Woohoo. There were some rumors flying around last month that there would be no ice breaker, so this is welcome news. Heika did say they are trying to work out some conflicts, wonder what they could be? Maybe they’re having problems getting Avery out of his pretty pretty princess castle.

Anyway, I’m glad they moved the Ice Breaker to the Galleria 2 years ago. Since I’m bored, and there is nothing else going on about, tis time to ramble on about random Ice Breaker stuffs.

The Ice Breaker has really come a long, long way. 5 years ago, in 2003, it was at the American Airlines Center and only 5 players signed autographs at different times. The only specific player I remember signing is Brenden Morrow, go figure. They had it on the floor of the AAC, and gave locker room tours, had fun booths, etc.. Then of course, there was no Ice Breaker in 2004 due to the lockout I do not like to discuss (was dark times in my life, though not entirely hockey related).

In 2005, hockey returned as did a new & improved Ice Breaker; it was still at the AAC, but this time every player would attend and sign autographs in the foyer of the AAC. Of course, that year the Stars hated me and put Morrow in the same line as Mike Modano, so his line stretched around half of the AAC.

In 2006, the Stars has a fantastic idea, moving the Ice Breaker to the Galleria. Thus began a new tradition. The Ice Breakers at the Galleria have been fantastic. It seems easier to get from table to table and just more spread out, which it obviously is.

Now, your first time going to the Ice Breaker? Here are just some tips for you. Brenden Morrow and/or Mike Modano are usually easy to find; their tables are usually the only ones with line barricades. Why am I telling you this? Because no one really knows where a certain person is going to be until right before the players come out to sign. 2 years ago I lucked out by being in Mike Modano’s line first, and it was amusing to see everyone running through the mall trying to get to his line when word go out where he’d be.

The Ice Breaker is really a fantastic event, and I’d recommend taking advantage of it!