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Stars get 2 points in FL trip

January 24, 2009

So, we won’t even mention the 4-2 loss against the Lightning Monday.  That was, well, it was pathetic.  The Stars allowed their first short-handed goal, and despite plenty of power play opportunities weren’t able to get the job done.  It was nice to see Halpie, Jussi and Smitty again though.

Wednesday, they took on the Florida Panthers and was a much better outcome winning 4-1.  Mike Ribeiro got his first career hat trick!!!  SO EXCITING!  Good job Lil Ribbons!!!

Sorry to be MIA so much lately, the All-Star events are this weekend.  I will make a post tomorrow with some fun about the game, and will be liveblogging the game Sunday.

What is all this white stuff?

December 16, 2008

I had all intentions of posting the recap from Saturday’s game yesterday, but ended up being stuck at work until 11pm due to all the ice and snow.  That was not fun.  I will, however, try to get it up tonight after I get home from the Coyote game.

Some good news though (well not for the Stars, but regarding an old Star who I dearly miss), Jeff Halpern is expected to play for the first time this season Thursday when the Lightning take on the Avs.  Halpern had reconstruction knee surgery this summer after injuring his knee while captaining Team USA.

Favorite Things: Jeff Halpern

September 2, 2008

Oh Halpie….he was a favorite here at The Shootout.  And I mean, a huge favorite.  He was one of those players that had a huge impact on the game, whether he was scoring, assisting on goals or helping to defend his own net.  And did I mention he’s Jewish?  Because he is.

He was a solid player and such a great guy to play on a team with.  He knew when to be serious and when to kid around with teammates.  (This can be seen in the On The Ice videos as well as an older video of him pieing Ovechkin during an interview.)

Sadly, we lost Halpie when we traded for Brad Richards.  After he left us, he was named captain of the Men’s National Hockey Team.  Sadly, Halpern sustained a knee injury while playing in May and will be out a few months still. :(

2007-08 Dallas Stars Players Stats

May 21, 2008

Up to date stats on each player for the season. This list includes anyone who has put on a Stars jersey this season, no matter how short their stay was.

13 – Krystopher Barch
14 – Stu Barnes
43 – Philippe Boucher
25 – Chris Conner
44 – B.J. Crombeen
06 – Trevor Daley
21 – Loui Eriksson
92 – Todd Fedoruk
28 – Mark Fistric
02 – Nicklas Grossman
15 – Niklas Hagman
11 – Jeff Halpern
40 – Johan Holmqvist
42 – Dan Jancevski
36 – Jussi Jokinen
26 – Jere Lehtinen
22 – Junior Lessard
39 – Joel Lundqvist
20 – Antti Miettinen
09 – Mike Modano
10 – Brenden Morrow
05 – Matt Niskanen
04 – Mattias Norstrom
29 – Steve Ott
17 – Toby Petersen
63 – Mike Ribeiro
91 – Brad Richards
03 – Stéphane Robidas
41 – Mike Smith
31 – Tobias Stephan
35 – Marty Turco
16 – Brad Winchester
56 – Sergei Zubov

Morrownator and Razor have been brought to you by…

May 7, 2008

So, if you haven’t checked out by now, shame on you.  It is the place to find any info you might need on teams and players.  They just opened up sponsorship of players/teams.  Yours truly has sponsored 2 of the most important people in the Stars Franchise; Brenden Morrow and Daryl “Razor” Reaugh.  I’m sure the reason behind sponsoring Brenden Morrow is obvious, he has been my favorite player for 8 years.  Razor should also be obvious, because he is made of awesome and win.  What will make him even more awesome is if I can ever get a hold of him to get my Whalers jersey signed. 

In other sad sad news, Captain Jew has sustained a knee injury and will likely need surgery.  NOOO HALPIEE!!

You gotta have Hart

April 29, 2008

Hee, that phrase will always make me laugh. Thanks No Lip Tipp. Anyway, the Hart trophy nominees were announced.

  • Jarome Iginla (Calgary Flames)
  • Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins)
  • Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitals)

Surprise, surprise surprise.

In other news, former Star and one of my favorites, Jeff Halpern, has been named CAPTAIN of the Men’s National Team. Good boy Halpie!!!!!!! I might watch this year, afterall. Of course he is no captain rookie, having worn the C while on the Washington Capitals.

Also, I am quite proud of Mr Matty Norstrom. Not only did he get the game winning goal in overtime..

He was also named as the 3rd star of the night! WOOHOO. I will have my game recap up tomorrow!

Also, I finally updated the Playoff Stats, go me.

And while I support all teams in Dallas (even those that blow), I must say I am a bit happy the Mavs are out of the playoffs. The reason is purely selfish: The Mavs banners will now be taken off the AAC and replaced with the original Stars banners. Brenden Morrow will flap in the breeze again!

Oh, and they’ve also locked Otter in for 2 more years. I’m sure all of the Pacific division is throwing parties :D

Some new contracts

March 12, 2008

The Dallas Stars have signed Chris Conner (EEEE) and Tobias Stephan to one-year contracts.  Oh I am excited.  I get to see Conner for another year.  Maybe he will actually play with the Stars next season and I can get some wear out of my Conner jersey. 

They also signed Sergei Korostin from the Texas Tornado to a 3-year entry level contract.


Also, the Tampa Bay Lightning have posted a video of interviews with Halpie, Smitty and Jussi.  It’s mostly Halpie and Smitty, but yayy it made me smile.

Steve Ott Suspended

March 11, 2008

Yep, for 3 games for his hit on Leopold Saturday.

Here is the video (it’s not the fight, but they show the actual hit)

Otter is not a dirty player, he just has a dirty mouth.  It is really unfortunate that Leopold got hurt.  I think one game would’ve been enough for a first-time offender, since it seems he briefly left his feet.  I do not, however, believe that Ott intended to injure Leopold, it’s just that Leopold bending over put Ott’s shoulder and arm right by his head.  To me (though I could be biased and I’m trying not to be now that I’m over my original anger) it doesn’t look like Otter wasn’t aiming at his head.

Oh, and San Jose is now top of the Division.

The better news is that the Tampa Bay Lightning won tonight against the New York Islanders. Halpie had 3 points (a goal and 2 assists) and Jussi had an assist. Yay boys!!

Source: Heika

Brad Richards and Johan Holmqvist to Dallas

February 26, 2008

It is with a sad and heavy heart to report that HullJack have traded Jeff Halpern, Jussi Jokinen and Mike Smith for center Brad Richards and goalie Johan Holmqvist from Tampa Bay.

I will not lie that I am not pleased about this trade, at all. I lost Halpie and Juicy in one felt swoop.

So with this sadness, I think it is now time to say goodbye to 2 of my favorite players, and Smitty.


Barnes out, Boucher almost in

February 19, 2008

Just some quick updates about the team.

Barnes has a torn retina and has laser surgery yesterday to repair it and is expected out 7-10 days.  This is not good.

The only good that will come of this is Winchester might get a chance to really play now.  He’ll be on a line with Halpie.  (Impliment head explosion)

Philippe Boucher is expected back by the end of the month, which is just a week away so this is good news.  I am just not wanting little Fishsticks to go back to Iowa.  I have become quite attached to that kid. 

It is still unknown when Zubov will be returning, he is still hobbling along with a boot and has a sore groin.  Sigh.  Come back soon Russian.  We miss you.

 Also, this news not from Heika; but Brenden Morrow did not take part of the Dr. Pepper Luncheon yesterday as originally scheduled.  I do hope it’s just a small case of the flu.  It better just be a small case of the flu.

Source: Heika