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Peace out, yo

March 3, 2009

The New York Rangers have claimed Sean Avery off waivers.  It wasn’t a secret the Rangers wanted them back.  They were who allowed Avery to go to their farm team. 

Can’t say I’m sad or that I’ll miss him.  Good Riddance.

Avery clears Waivers, Captains Driven

February 9, 2009

So Sean Avery has cleared waivers, blah blahblahblah whatever.

Now to the good news.  Anyone who knows me, knows I obsessively check the NHL Network for Stars episodes of their shows Day In The Life, Voices and Captains Driven.  So far, there have been none related to the Stars, and it’s been very saddening.

But low and behold, my waiting has finally paid off.  Next Thursday, February 19th (which is also the night Noah returns to ER), They will FINALLY BE AIRING CAPTAINS DRIVEN BY BRIDGESTONE: BRENDEN MORROW!  Yes, I am super excited!

It’s now official, Sean Avery’s stint as a Star is done

December 14, 2008

The Dallas Stars announced today that Sean Avery will no longer play for the Dallas Stars.  A decision most could see coming.

Here is the full press release.

(Dallas, TX December 14, 2008) – The Dallas Stars today announced that Sean Avery will not return to the NHL team. Representatives for both Avery and the Stars said they would continue to work together in support of Avery during “this critical time” for the player. All parties said there is a clear understanding that a return to the Stars is not in the best interest of either the hockey club or Avery.

“Sean needs to focus on his own well-being while the Stars hockey team must focus on playing hockey and competing for a playoff spot,” said Stars Co-General Manager Brett Hull. “Everyone understands that Sean will not return to the Dallas Stars. We all need to move forward.”

Stars management also said the team would not seek to challenge Avery’s contract under the conduct clause included in the Standard Player’s Contract.  The agreement’s Paragraph 2 (e) directs all NHL players “to refrain from conduct detrimental to the best interest of the Club, the League or professional hockey generally.” Avery was suspended by the NHL last week for comments he made prior to a game with Calgary.

“The message here is: no distractions. Sean can focus on resolving his personal issues,” said Hull, “and the Stars will have closure on this episode. The team needs to put its energies into winning.”

The Stars said the team will continue to honor Avery’s contract while exploring all options for his hockey future consistent with the terms of his counseling.

“We do care about Sean and want what is best for him,” said Hull. “We’ve agreed to do what we can to help find him a place to play hockey once he addresses his personal issues.”

In addition to announced their decision with Avery, the Stars also made another trade; Brian Sutherby from the Ducks for David McIntyre and a conditional sixth round draft pick in 2010.  Seriously?  They also reassigned Dan Jancevski to the minors.

Brenden, why you say that?

December 12, 2008

Brenden Morrow was on BaD radio yesterday for his usual conversation with the guys.  (Andrew’s has audio of it here)

It’s the first we’ve gotten to hear from Brenden regarding the whole Avery ordeal, in which, as a true captain, he said that Avery is a teammate and until he hears otherwise, he will defend him.   However, he did say that what Avery did was wrong and it isn’t how the Stars want to be perceived and everyone makes mistakes. 

He also mentioned his knee surgery, saying recovery is harder than he thought it’d be.  The pain medication they had him on was playing mind games, giving him bad thoughts and nightmares.  He stopped taking them and is now just using tylenol. 

“I thought about cutting my leg off, amputating it.  It wasn’t pretty the thoughts I had.”

Way to break my heart Brenden!  Please leave your leg on.

Also, rumors going around that the Rangers are interested in trading Michal Rozsival for Avery back.

Avery suspended 6 games

December 5, 2008

Word is in, and Avery will be receiving a 6-game suspension for his remarks Tuesday in Calgary.  He also will seek a professional anger-management evaluation and if needed will take structred counseling. 

He will be eligible to play again December 16th, when the Coyotes are in town. 

The Stars will meet and decide what to do when the suspension ends, which means his place on the team is still questionable.

Avery’s hearing is complete

December 4, 2008

According to, the meeting is finished, but no verdict yet.

Check back for updates as news is released

1:19pm: TSN is reporting that a decision is expected later today or Friday morning.

There is also video on of Avery leaving NHL headquarters.

2pm: has posted an update that Bettman is expected to speak about the Avery situtation on his XM show this afternoon.  It also includes this quote from Brett Hull

“Well I certainly have no quotes for you; but he was remorseful in what he did and that’s about all you can do,” Hull said.

3pm: Here is what Healy (the PA representative) had to say about the hearing

“Sean got a chance to explain some different things, I think he was excellent,” Healy said. “He was apologetic and from a players’ standpoint, he laid out his side of things pretty well. But it’s pretty clear he’s sorry for the incident and at the end of the day, he’s a good player. He’s one of Dallas’ top two forwards and he’s a good kid. There’s a lot of good things and he probably wishes that the incident never happened.”

One of our top two forwards?  really?  This is news to me.

4pm: Seems nothing of interest was really said during Gary Bettman’s NHL show.

“We had a hearing with Sean Avery this morning which was well chronicled by the media.” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said on his XM Radio show, NHL Hour with Gary Bettman. “Off the bat, what I need to say is I haven’t made a decision yet. I want to take the opportunity to think about what transpired at the meeting, everything I was told and needs to be considered. I want to reflect on it, which means either sometimes later this afternoon or tomorrow morning we will render a decision and I will make it public.”

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

4:30pm: EJ Hradek reported on ESPN news that Bettman plans to sleep on it before making his decision.  Guess that means I’m waking up early tomorrow…

6:15pm: Looks like sending Avery to Manitoba is out of the question

Moose owner Mark Chipman tells TSN, ”We wouldn’t take him under any circumstance.”

I guess the challange now will be to find an AHL team who would take on Avery, since the Stars have no direct AHL affiliate this season.

Anonymous Stars quotes regarding Avery

December 4, 2008

TSN has posted an interesting article, in which 3 Stars players are quoted on their opinions on Avery.  The Stars, however, remain nameless.  But I think this says it all.

“We hope it’s the last time we ever see him,” says one veteran.

Wow.  Those are some strong words. 

“Our locker room is the happiest it has been all year right now,” says another player.

This is something I honestly believe.  You can tell by their on-camera interviews after the Calgary game that the rumors of bad blood in the locker room were in fact reality.

“An apology (to the team) won’t work,” says a third player.  “There isn’t much he can say to change the way we feel right now.  We have a lot of pride in this organization.  He isn’t welcome here anymore.”

And last but not least,  apparently Sean Avery is stupid.

“He’s been undermining everything we do,” says the veteran.  “He doesn’t pay attention; he’s not smart enough to play our system.  He can’t do some drills properly.  He says it’s because he’s ‘independent.’
Really, he’s just not smart enough.”

Avery issues an apology

December 3, 2008

Fresh from Puck Daddy:

“I would like to sincerely apologize for my off-color remarks to the press yesterday from Calgary. I should not have made those comments and I recognize that they were inappropriate. It was a bad attempt to build excitement for the game, but I am now acutely aware of how hurtful my actions were.

“I caused unnecessary embarrassment to my peers as well as people I have been close with in the past. I apologize for offending the great fans of the NHL, the Commissioner, my teammates, my coaching staff and the Dallas Stars Management and Ownership. As many of you know, I like to mix it up on and off the ice from time to time, but understand that this time I took it too far.”

Bob McKenzie over at TSN is reporting that Avery’s apology was rejected by the Stars ogranization:

Sources tell TSN that Avery’s personal publicist reached out to the Stars’ president on Wednesday morning in an effort to get the club, in conjunction with Avery, to issue a formal apology by means a press release.

The Stars made it clear to Avery’s representative that the door was not open for that to happen, that they wanted nothing to do with it. Avery later in the day issued a press release apology of his own that was not issued or sanctioned by the team

Uh oh

It’s gettin’ juicy

December 3, 2008

It seems everything Hull himself tried to cover up about problems behind the scenes in the locker room might actually be true.  Heika over at the Dallas Morning News Stars Blog posted this juicy quote from Tippett:

“My job is to build the best team possible. I don’t know if we can build the best team possible with Sean coming back.”

Of course, I can’t personaly say if he is saying this because of Avery’s recent antics, or because he’s felt this way the entire season but it looks like the dislike for Avery by coaches and teammates is starting to surface in every way possible.  What is Mr. Hicks going to do?  Most think Avery’s time as a Star is done.

UPDATE; It’s getting even juicier.  Heika elaborated on his intial post, and it seems before all this went down Tippett asked Avery is he was going to talk to the media.  Avery told both Tippett and the Stars PR staff no, so Tippett went to the media and backed up Avery, defending him.  Only to have Avery do what he did afterwards.  What a way to disrespect the Stars and Tippett.

Avery vs. Bettman – Thursday

December 3, 2008

Sean Avery and co-idiotmanager Brett Hull will be meeting have their hearing with Gary Bettman Thursday morning in NYC.  At least we’ll know tomorrow morning what exactly will become of Avery, at least from the NHL’s view.  There is still much to be said about his status on the Dallas Stars.

(yay i can finally update at the office)