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Another NHL survey

February 11, 2009

So the almighty Heika linked to this NHL survey on

193 players filled it out and turned it in, that’s roughly 6 players on each team.  Or we’ll just pretend, anyway.  Some Stars players made it into the mix and some answers I swear had to be a joke.

Who is the best leader in the NHL?
Most answered Jarome Iginla, which you can’t really argue.  He is quite a good captain.  Of course, I think Brenden Morrow should’ve come in first, but he did get 4% of the vote and tied with Alex Ovechkin (and 2 other players but I don’t care about them).  Roenacker was also mentioned.  Umwut?

Which goalie would make the best forward/d-man?
Marty Turco took this one with over half of the vote.  Not surprising since he is pretty much the best puck-handling goalie in the NHL.  Smitty got 7% of the vote.

If you could change lives with another player, who would it be?
Alex Ovechkin took this one with 16%.  I’m surprised it wasn’t more, to be honest.  Mike Modano got 3% of the vote because he is awesome.  Duh.

Which player complains the most on the ice?
I love that Cindy Crosby got 52% of the vote.  I guess his reputation of being a cry baby is also in the locker rooms.

Which player would make the best President/Prime Minister?
Igingla took this one with 8%.  But, Sean Avery with 2%?  Are you joking? 

You can view the rest of the questions (and answers) at the link above.

Stars come out with another win

December 18, 2008

It was all Stars on the scoresheet Tuesday night when the Coyotes were in town.  With a final of 2-1 in overtime, Loui Eriksson gets his 13th and 14th goal of the season and ex-Star Todd Fedoruk gets his 4th of the season for the Coyotes.

The Stars started off well in the first period, looking much better than the awful loss Saturday in Nashville.  It didn’t take long to get the Stars up 1-0.  With a nice feed from behind the net, Chris Conner got the puck to Loui Eriksson whose patience paid off to get the Stars on the board.  Brad Ricahrds also go the assist.  The rest of the game ended up being a battle between goalies, and both seemed up to the task.  Both Ilya Bryzgalov and Marty Turco made fantastic saves.  It wasn’t until the third period that Fedoruk finally got the puck past Turco with a wrist shot.  It took almost the entire overtime before the Stars would emerge victorious.  With 1:20 left in OT, Loui Eriksson got his second of the night with a shot off his backhand from Mike Ribeiro.

It was 2 points the Stars definitely needed and those 2 points got the Stars out of the basement in the western conference.  They’re one step up, just 6 steps to go before they are back in a playoff spot.

Michael Peca suspended indefinitely

October 11, 2008

I had wondered last night why a player got a 10-minute game misconduct, and now I see why.  Michael Peca of the Columbus BlueJackets was automatically suspended for Physical Abuse of the Officials.  Damn I’m sad I missed that, but thank goodness I have it DVRed and will be watching.

He is appealing the suspension, but is going to remain suspended until a hearing next week.

Selke candidates announced

April 25, 2008

Pardon me while I yawn from non-interest.  2 have sold their souls to the devil (IE Plays for the Red Wings) and 1 is a Devil (of the New Jersey sort.)

  • Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit Red Wings)
  • Henrik Zetterberg (Detroit Red Wings)
  • John Madden (New Jersey Devils)

Such nice men…

April 24, 2008

Yep, the Lady Byng finalists were announced today.

  • Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit Red Wings)
  • Martin St. Louis (Tampa Bay Lightning)
  • Jason Pominville (Buffalo Sabres)

They’re parents would be so proud.

Oh you silly Rookies

April 23, 2008

I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone who the 3 finalists for Rookie of the Year are for the 2007-2008 freshman class.  One of these 3 fine young men will be taking home the Calder this year.

  • Patrick Kane (Chicago Blackhawks)
  • Jonathan Toews (Chicago Blackhawks)
  • Nicklas Backstrom (Washington Capitals)

And the Norris goes to..

April 22, 2008

Well, we won’t actually find out until June, but the finalists are

  • Zdeno Chara (Boston Bruins)
  • Nicklas Lidstrom (Detroit Red Wings) surprise surprise
  • Dion Phaneuf (Calgary Flames)

Awards Finalists Ahoy!

April 21, 2008

The NHL has started announcing the finalists of this years awards.

Announced today are the finalists for the Vezina (top goaltender).  The finalists this year are:

  • Martin Brodeur (New Jersey Devils)
  • Evgeni Nabokov (San Jose Sharks)
  • Henrik Lundqvist (New York Rangers)

Tomorrow will be the announcement of the Norris. 

The other announcements are as follows
April 23: Calder Memorial
April 24: Lady Byng
April 25: Frank J. Selke
April 29: Hart Memorial

Pronger suspended.

March 15, 2008

NHL announced that Chris Pronger has been suspended 8 games.  This is his 8th suspension.  Chris Simon received 30 games for a similar incident in December.  Sound fair?

Well that sucked

March 14, 2008

I’m not even sure I want to talk about the 5-3 loss to Detroit last night.  Dallas goals were scored by Trevor Daley, Jere Lehtinen and Brenden Morrow.  Turco looks great in the first 2 periods.  Though, at the end of the 2nd after the Wings scored their second goal, the Stars seemed to go into panic mode; as they do whenever we play the Wings.  It was awful from that point on.  Does much else need to be said?  No.

In other annoying news, have you seen this video yet?

Now, I didn’t actually see this game.  All I have seen in the YouTube video.  But it does look an awful lot like an intentional stomp on my poor Midget’s friend Kesler.  Oh, and no suspension will come of it.  Something seem not right here? Seems Pronger had a meeting today.  So we’ll see how many games he gets suspended.  Chris Simon recieved 30 games for a similar incident in December.

I’m actually surprised, considering Campbell has handed out 4 suspensions since Tuesday.  I’m beginning to think he has a certain quota to fill when it comes to suspensions, because they seem to be coming swiftly this season. 

The better news is that Mr Mike Modano has entered the blogging world.  You can find his blog on the Dallas Stars website.