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Wow. Just wow.

November 28, 2008

You’d have to expect this when the 30th team in the league plays the 1st.  Stars got their asses handed to them.  Loui Eriksson and James Neal got the only two Stars goals, the only good that came of this game.

Final was 6-2.

I need a shower to wash the suck off.

Lady luck helps get Stars 7th win of the season

November 27, 2008

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to those in America!  What a great way to start the holidays, with a 4-3 win against the Wild.  We owe a lot of thanks to Lady Luck, who helped the Stars get their first win in a while.  Going into last night’s game, the Starss were 0 for 12 on the power play over their last 2 games, and would be going up against the leagues #1 penalty kill.  It was going to be a tough one, but the Stars always managed to play well against the Wild.

The start of the first period was a lot of back and forth between the Stars and the Wild, both teams fighting for puck posession and being the first team to force momentum in their own direction.  James Neal got the scoring started with his first road goal of his career just under 9 minutes into the first period.  Then, just a minute later Belanger of the Wild tied it up with a wrister from Marty’s left.  Landon Wilson took a penalty jut over 11 minutes into the game, and with just 20 seconds the Wild got a 2-1 lead.  Miettinen passed the puck across to Koivu, Marty braces to stop a shot from Koivu and seeing this Koivu passes to Nolan who gets the puck into a practically empty net.

The Wild went into the second period with the same momentum, making it 3-1 when Brunette gets his 7th of the season almost immediately off the draw.  Lady luck then stepped in just over 6 minutes into the second.  Koivu shot the puck towards the net and everyone thought it had gone in; the goal horn sounded and the ref is crazily pointing.  They go to review, only to find the puck bounced between the posts and out and never crossed the line.  Talk about something the Stars needed. The Stars used that call to try to force momentum in their directions, working hard to win puck battles and actually playing as a team while in front of Turco.  It finally paid off, with just a little over 2 minutes left Neal gets a breakaway and gets one past Backstrom while flying over him to put the Stars just one goal behind.

Going into the third, Lady Luck made a second appearance.  Just under 4 minutes in, Marty stumbled while getting his balance after making some saves and used the net to set himself right, unknowingly knocking it off.  He comes out to stop a shot, and Koivu shoots the puck into what appears to be an empty net, only to have his second no goal of the night called.  Could he be getting Morrow syndrome?  Who knows.  Then 8 minutes in, Brad Richards gets one in the net to tie it at 3.  Then, with exactly 7 minutes remaining, Loui Eriksson deflects a shot from Stephane Robidas past Backstrom to give the Stars their second lead of the game.  We hung together and played like we actually trusted each other again, and was able to finally get another win.

The three Stars of the game were

  1. James Neal
  2. Eric Belanger
  3. Brent Burns

I have to wonder why Loui Eriksson was not on this list, he did have a goal and 2 assists.

Neal recalled, new jerseys

November 18, 2008

Alrighty, so now that I am finally logged on properly..James Neal has been recalled now that Crombeen is gone and Lehtinen did not practice due to a new possible issue.  I was not fond of him being sent down in the first place, so that was news I was extremely happy to hear.

Also, today the Stars revealed their 3rd jersey’s.  It was exactly as was rumored; a white version of the black home jersey.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

They will wear the jerseys 15 times this season, including Thursdays game against the Blackhawks.

Some I saw coming, one I didn’t.

November 2, 2008

The Dallas Stars have sent Mark Fistric and James Neal to the Manitoba Moose.  I could see them sending Mark Fistric to the AHL coming (As much as I love Fishsticks, I knew it was eventually going to happen), James Neal I did not.  Could this be more moving around to adjust for Sergei Zubov returning?  I guess we’ll soon find out.  They also send Chris Conner back to the Peoria Rivermen.

Stars will also be having a practice Monday at the Duncanville Stars Center from 12pm-1pm.

Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2008

[edit: adding this because i just saw it on the NHL network and it’s awesome]

So, with it being Halloween and all I figured I’d use my psychic powers to predict what the Stars players would be for halloween, so I introduce to you



There were some positives yesterday

October 19, 2008

Despite a 5-4 loss to the Avs, there was some positive that came out of the game.

For one, the team played remarkabley better.  I mean hell, we almost tied the game!  (Though, that almost is for the ref who were absolutely horrendous yesterday.)  The refs were against Brenden Morrow again last night, I’m convinced of it!  I’m still a little tiffed about the no-goal called on him in the 3rd period, the goal that could’ve changed the outcome of the game.  It deflected off his glove and in.  I know, in hockey rules a puck that goes off a glove doesn’t count, but that goal looked like it should’ve counted, regardless of the rules.  It should be the same as pucks going off a skate, if there is a ‘kicking motion’ it doesn’t count, but pucks deflecting off the skate and in count.  Why can’t it be the same for a glove, if the glove is holding onto the stick, the stick trying to get the puck into the net.  Whatever, time to move on.

The scoring was led by the young guys, Neal, Brunnstrom and Eriksson got 3 of the 4 goals.  Brad Richards got the 4th.  Grossman got into a fight, and my mouth hit the ground.  I couldn’t believe it.  I also can’t believe I’m saying this, but Sean Avery played far better than in the first 5 games.  He did some good stuff on the ice, so hopefully he can build on that.

The other positive of yesterday was the adorable Swede sitting in front of me last night, oh he was precious.  He got really into the game, especially when Brunnstrom and Eriksson scored.  It was also fun to hear him screaming at the game in Swedish.

The negative?  Marty is still letting in far too many goals.  I know he can do better, he knows he can do better and hopefully we’ll see a different Turco this next week.  We’ll need it, because Jere Lehtinen is still not ready to play and didn’t make the trip

Stars are on a east coast road trip, their first game coming tomorrow against Avery’s old team the New York Rangers.

Liveblog: Stars vs. Blues 10/16/08

October 16, 2008

Hello everyone.  I am here for the first Shootout liveblog of the 08-09 season.  As I said in a previous post, the Stars are in St. Louis tonight, coming off a much needed and deserved win against the Nashville Predators last night.  Let’s get this shit started.

They are doing a story on Stu being an assistant coach, I’m pretty sure I saw this on Stars Insider, but that’s okay.  I do not mind watching it again.  (Dear lord please don’t let my laptop die before I find somewhere to plug this thing in in the living room.)  This is my first liveblog on this laptop, so I am enjoying being able to lounge on the couch while blogging.  I guess I kinda got off subject, didn’t I?  Stuie looks so proud of his Traverse City plaque, which the Stars won.  Because they’re awesome.  Aw they are going to talk bout Boo-Boo!! Yay Boo-Boo.  They are previewing the goalies, Marty and Legace.  I love Legace, well, not tonight.  But otherwise I like him.  He was so awesome last year in the All-Star game, all five-foot-nothing of him.   HELLO RALPHIEE!!  I do wish they’d fix this IFB stuff, because the delay is a tad annoying.  AW LUDY JUST CALLED HIM BOO-BOO!  I love it.  Why they have to mention Russian being out, because that is not something I want to be reminded of.  Injury update….oh boy.  Jere Lehtinen (groin) and Steve Ott (undisclosed) did not make the trip, uh oh.   Ludy is a big fan of the injury policy, in that other teams don’t automatically know what injured certain players, I agree with you Ludy.  Because I know personally that if Brenden had injured a foot, I wouldn’t want everyone going after that certain foot as soon as he’s back in the line up.   At least I have a cat to entertain me during breaks.


20:00: I will use this time to say that…no one wins the tie battle.  They are both equally awful.  Let’s get this game goin guys!  Opening line is Neal, Modano and Crombeen.   D-men are Grossman and Robi.

19:00: Next on the ice is Eriksson, Morrow and Ribeiro.

18:48: Neal takes an interference penalty.  Whatevs.  He is too young to interfere with anyone!  Blues have the number 1 PP so far.  Wow, after a whole week.  You must be proud.

18:28: Boucher lost his stick! OH NO!  Got it back but now only has one glove!  DO NOT HURT HIS HAND!

17:50: I have a weird love for Kariya, I don’t know why. BUT I HATE PLAYING HIM.  GET THE PUCK AWAY FROM HIM NOWWWW.

16:48: Penalty Killing is getting back on track…

16:20: Some Blues player got really close to getting a goal, but it went behind Turco and past the net.  Thank goodness.



Welcome to Dallas, Swedish dude

October 15, 2008
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I am taking a page from Tim MacMahon (who I love.  YES I AM CONFESSING MY LOVE FOR YOU!) by calling him the Swedish dude.  For those of you who are asking “huh?” I am talking about Mr. Fabian Brunnstrom.

Boy oh boy DO I LOVE THIS KID!  Not only did he become the second Stars rookie this season to score his first NHL goal in his debut game, but became the 3rd player in HISTORY to get a HAT TRICK, yes a FUCKING HAT TRICK, in his first game!  It hasn’t been done in 29 years, not even by the second coming of Gretzky, Sidney Crosby.  Hell, not even Gretzky did it.  Now, I’m not saying he is going to be as amazing as Gretzky was with the scoring, but still.  It’s fun to say.  (Gretzky’s face after their loss tonight was also classic.  As was the player faceplanting himself on the ice after the Blackhawks scored.)

Before I go off on how much I love him, I could talk about the rest of the team.  They finally looked like a team.  They passed better, communicated better and just played better in general.  Tonight was the first time they started to pick up from where they left off last season.  Loui Eriksson almost got the scoring started, but Brenden Morrow was being called for goalie interference.  Sigh, the refs were set on penalizing him like crazy.  Stephane Robidas got the scoring started in the first with a power play goal with help from the Mike’s, Modano and Ribiero.

The second period was high scoring, 6 goals in all.  Mike Modano put the Stars up 2-0 with help from his linemates for the night Crombeen and Petersen.  Nashville tied it up in the next 10 minutes, with goals from Radek Bonk (assists from Erat and Peverley) and Patric Hornqvist (assists from Weber and Suter).  The Stars managed 2 more goals, both coming from Fabian Brunnstrom.  The first assisted by Petersen and Boucher and the second from Richards and Avery, who were his linemates of the night.  His first two career goals bookended a goal from Ryan Jones.

Just under 11 minutes into the third, the Preds tied it up, again.  And just over 6 minutes later, the magic happened.  From a gorgeous feed from Richards behind the net, that Swedish dude nets his first career hat trick on just his 3rd NHL goal.  He almost got a 4th goal, but the play had been waved dead just before the puck entered the net due to a Preds player getting injured.  Mike Modano stuck the nail in the Preds coffin by getting an empty-netter with 4 seconds left.  I am going to have to kiss the person who got me the free tickets tonight, because what a fantastic game to attend.  The team really seemed to be energetic, I guess getting off to a 0-1-1 start was all the motivation they needed to get their act together.  Mike Modano was more physical tonight than I’ve seen him in a while, and it was awesome to see.  Oh goodness.

Now, on to gush about the boy that is Fabian.  First to quote Tippett about this fantastic boy.

“The process is going well. He played a solid game,” Stars coach Dave Tippett said. “The goals are easy to see, but I was very impressed with the way that he played a pretty simple, error-free game, did what he was supposed to do and he capitalized on some chances. It’s a great start for him. Again, it’s not just the goals, it’s the other things that he’s doing out there that make you feel good about where he’s come from. He’s a good player and he’s going to continue to improve.”

He played a great, great game.  Especially for a rookie.  He was interviewed after the game, and had this to say:

“I scored 3 goals and that was fun, but more important was that we won the game and now we have our first win.  It was a lot of fun tonight.”  “…I just try to go out, work hard and enjoy the game.  I’m really glad to be a part of the NHL.  I’m having fun right now.”   “…Dallas, I love everything about it and the organization.  They have been so great to me.”

And with that first quote, he became Sergei “I like winning” Zubov’s favorite teammate.  I love.  This kid.  So much.  NHL on the Fly included all 3 of his goals in their Ice Pix; his first goal was number 5, his second number 3 and his hat trick was number 1.  Fantastic.  Bloody fantastic.  Yes, I said bloody.  Speaking of, I must mention that I approved of at least one thing Avery did tonight during the game.  Someone from the Preds had hit Brunnstrom and knocked his helmet off, so Avery went after him.  Good boy Avery, that is one way to get into my good graces.

Three Stars of the night

  1. Fabian Brunnstrom
  2. Mike Modano
  3. Martin Erat

That’s not a good way to start a season

October 11, 2008

The optimist in me is saying “At least we got a point” but in the hard Pacific division, 1 point isn’t enough.

It seemed a little too familiar, the other team takes the lead, we come back in the second to tie then take the lead, only to have the other team tie it up and we fall apart and fall behind again.  Remember that from last season?  I guess it’s easy to fall back into old habits.

We almost pulled it out, after falling down 4-2 in the third, the Stars managed 2 goals just over 30 seconds between them.  But, it wasn’t enough.  With just 21 seconds left in overtime, Rick Nash sealed the deal for the BlueJackets.

There were some great, great plays by the Stars; like the whole second period and the last 4 minutes of the third, but they need to play like that the entire game.  The fire doesn’t get lit until they get behind, and that needs to be fixed.

I guess I could mention who scored the Stars goals huh?  Brenden Morrow got the first goal from Ribeiro and Robidas.  James Neal scored second, Robi got another assist on that.  I’m really really glad James Neal got to stay, he deserves it and is going to be a fantastic player on our team, especially with Mike Modano.  He also played with Sean Avery, who looked like the clumsiest person ever on the ice.  Avery was falling around all over the play, he did have some good set ups though.  Brad Richards got a goal in the 3rd period to make it 4-3 BlueJackets with Robidas and Lundqvist getting the assist.  Then 30 seconds later, Daley got a goal from Ribeiro and Modano.

Hopefully tonight against the Preds goes better.

The 3 stars of the night were

  1. Pascal Leclaire
  2. Stephane Robidas
  3. Rick Nash

I have more people to add to the shitlist, including every ref and linesman from last night for not calling interference on the dude who LAYED on Mike Modano for like a minute.

A few updates to the roster..

October 7, 2008

You can view all the details on the Dallas Morning News Blog, but the short of it is due to cap space, James Neal and Mark Fistric have been sent to play for the Oklahoma City Blazers (where Brenden Morrow played during the lockout).