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Halfway through the season…

January 19, 2009

Last season, I did a post showing where everyone was after exactly half a season of play, 41 games.  I did it again this year.  I actually spent about 2 hours getting it all in order last week but kept forgetting to post it.  We’re not a few games past the mid-season point, but whatevs.  Here is what the standings looked like.


Stars earn 3 points in two 5-4 games

January 16, 2009

Tuesday’s game against the Detroit Red Wings was a game I was very much dreading after the embarrassment that was the game on 8th. (Holy run on sentence Batman!)  I missed the first few minutes due to driving home from the office.  Why does work always get in the way of hockey?  It’s really uncool.  Back to the subject, even listening on the radio, I could hear the Stars were already playing better.  Instead of hearing from Ralph and Ludy about the Red Wings pretty much skating circles around us, it was the other way around.  They did manage to give me some of the best news I’ve heard all year; the Red Wings are #30 on the road penalty kill.  LOLZWUT?  Who would’ve ever thought the Red Wings would be last in anything.  Made my life.

I must admit though, after the first 2 Detroit goals, I accepted that this would probably be another embarrassment. But the Stars weren’t goin’ down like that.  Nicklas Grossman got his first regular season goal EVER to cut the Wings lead in half.  Only to have them get a 3rd goal with a little over 2 minutes left.  Whatever Wings.  That won’t happen in our house.  Stephane Robidas and Mark Parrish tied it in the second period, and outshot the Wings like crazy.  The Wings managed to take the lead again in the 3rd, only to have the Stars even it up again with 3 minutes left to force it into overtime.  Even in overtime, the Stars took control.  And some gritty work by stupid Matt Niskanen and Trevor Daley got them the overtime win. They got 49 shots on the Red Wings, which really has been unheard of in the last decade. TAKE THAT WINGS!  Hmph.  Pleasedon’tkillusnexttime.

So coming off that fantabulous win, the Stars took on the Buffalo Sabres tonight.  They started with the same energy they played with Monday, getting 3 goals before allowing one on themselves in the second period.  It was downhill from there.  Fast.  On rollerblades.  Being chased by cats with big teeth.  After Buffalo got their second goal, the Stars gave themselves another 2 point lead, only to have that erased within 20 seconds in the third period.  What the hell was that?!  It ended up going to overtime, where Buffalo still held momentum and then to a shootout.  Which the Stars lost in the 6th round.  The other awful news was Robi took a bad hit and wasn’t seen again.  Which is enough to stress me out beyond belief.  And no one is telling me anything.  And it makes me incredibly uncomfortable.  I can’t believe I missed Ugly Betty AND THE RETURN OF ELIZABETH COURDAY ON ER for this crap.

I also promise to update more!

I think the Stars started their vacation early…

January 25, 2008

Stars lost 2-1 to the Buffalo Sabres. THE BUFFALO. SABRES.

I attended the game with Cat, one of my fellow Untypical Girls. The arena? FULL OF SABRES FANS. I swear to Baby Hockey Jesus there were more Sabres fans there than Red Wings fans when we play them, and that’s saying something.

The Stars (with a few players being an exception) looked like they didn’t even bother showing up, and it pains me to say that. Like, really pains me. Near the end of the game, people started getting into yelling arguments with each other, it was insane.

I don’t even want to comment on anything else. And I don’t really need to because Marty summed it up pretty good.

“We could have played a lot better tonight,’’ goalie Marty Turco said. “There was lack of desperation on our part, which is both confusing and a little embarrassing. We’re at our best when our leaders are on top of our game, and it’s most evident when we’re playing desperate hockey.’’

Hopefully they can start anew after the All-Star break (to be aired on Versus *playoffmagnetboardplz*) Please do it for me Stars.

PS. I think we have all sold our souls to Versus. 4Realz. I don’t mind Versus though, really. *hockeypuckicetrayplz*