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2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

April 13, 2009

They’re here.  Not that I care all that much being that the Stars aren’t in it, I will post about it anyway. 

Matches are set, and games begin Wednesday.

Eastern Conference
Boston Bruins (1) vs. Montreal Canadiens (8)

Washington Capitals (2) vs. New York Rangers (7)

New Jersey Devils (3) vs. Carolina Hurricanes (6)

Pittsburgh Penguins (4) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (5)

Western Conference
San Jose Sharks (1) vs. Anaheim Ducks (8)
This will definitely be one to watch.

Detroit Red Wings (2) vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (7)
Come on Blue Jackets!

Vancouver Canucks (3) vs. St. Louis Blues (6)

Chicago Blackhawks (4) vs. Calgary Flames (5)

Versus starts their playoff coverage Wednesday, starting with Game 1 between the Pens and the Flyers, then with the Blues in Vancouver.

Game on!

Stars make a trade

February 26, 2009

Stars have traded D-man Doug Janik for a center from Montreal by the name of Steve Bégin.  So far in 42 games this season, he is 6-4-10 and has 27 PIM.

And Happy 500 posts to the blog.

Shit bout to go down

February 20, 2009

It was a great 4-2 win for the Stars, but tonight, rumors about something about to go down in Montreal is all the buzz.

You can read a little about it on Mirtle’s site From The Rink.

Pensblog is reporting that Quebec radio stations are saying PD is waiting for the Habs to land.

UH OH FOLKS!  Get your popcorn.

Halfway through the season…

January 19, 2009

Last season, I did a post showing where everyone was after exactly half a season of play, 41 games.  I did it again this year.  I actually spent about 2 hours getting it all in order last week but kept forgetting to post it.  We’re not a few games past the mid-season point, but whatevs.  Here is what the standings looked like.


Round 2 predictions

April 24, 2008

While my last predictions were more for fun than accuracy (I was 1-7 with them.  Ya…), I’m going to try to be more accurate this time. 

Montreal Canadiens (1) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (6)
Like the Bruins, Montreal won all the regular season games between these 2 teams.  Sure, the Flyers are a bunch of thugs sometimes, but I think the Canadiens can hold them off.  I’m liking the Canadiens chances: Canadiens in 6 (Let’s not set anymore police cares on fire okay?)

Pittsburgh Penguins (2) vs. New York Rangers (5)
I really know nothing about either team other than Cindy plays for one and a future Vogue intern plays for the other.   I think it could go either way.  While the Pens swept the Sens, the Rangers played a gritty 7-game series.  I’m not sure if the Pens, even with Cindy, can hold off this team.  So I’m going for Rangers in 7

Detroit Red Wings (1) vs. Colorado Avalanche (6)
Oh yes, the 2 teams that top my most-hated list; with Detroit being 1 and Colorado being 1.5.  So who do I think will come out on top?  I’m not really sure.  Detroit showed themselves to be quite beatable during their run with Nashville, and I think Colorado could capitalize on it easily.  So I’m going on a limb here: Avalanche in 6.

San Jose Sharks (2) vs. Dallas Stars (5)
Yet again, everyone is rooting against my team, making us the underdogs. Again.  That’s fine, being an underdog worked to our advantage in round 1.   If the last game of the season is any indictation, they can throw their weight around at us all they want because we’ll still come out ahead. I think the Stars can do it in 6 again.

Okay, want to keep up with some of the other teams in the playoffs?  Here are some blogs I highly recommend:
Montreal Canadiens: Four Habs Fans
Philadelphia Flyers: Flyers.Femme
Pittsburgh Penguins: The Pensblog
New York Rangers: Battle of NY

Detroit Red Wings: No Pun Intended
Colorado Avalanche: Mile High Hockey
San Jose Sharks: Battle of California
Dallas Stars: Ya, you can just read here.

Also, if you don’t already read them: I highly recommend reading The Pensblog and Battle of California on a daily basis.  The end.

Round 2 Match Ups

April 23, 2008

Real quick before I head to bed, here are the matchups for round 2.

Montreal Canadiens (1) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (6)
Pittsburgh Penguins (2) vs. New York Rangers (5)

Detroit Red Wings (1) vs. Colorado Avalanche (6)
San Jose Sharks (2) vs. Dallas Stars (5)


April 22, 2008

I feel awful for the sane fans in Montreal after their win last night over the Bruins to make it into Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Trust me, I understand the utter excitement.   But this?

That is disgraceful.   Like I said, I understand the excitement; but since when does excitement mean looting, destruction of public property and setting police vehicles on fire?  It puts a bad odor on the city of Montreal and Habs fans; which most of the fans don’t deserve because they aren’t idiotic enough to take part in such a stupid idea.


Stanley Cup Playoffs: Day 13

April 21, 2008

Montréal Canadiens (1) vs. Boston Bruins (8)
Game 7: Canadiens 4 Boston 0
Canadiens win the series 4-3

Washington Capitals (3) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (6)
Game 6: Capitals 4 Flyers 2
Series tied 3-3

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Day 11

April 19, 2008

Washington Capitals (3) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (6)
Game 5: Capitals 3 Flyers 2
Flyers lead the series 3-2

Montréal Canadiens (1) vs. Boston Bruins (8)
Game 6: Canadiens 4 Bruins 5
Series tied 3-3

Minnesota Wild (3) vs. Colorado Avalanche (6)
Game 6: Wild 1 Avalanche 2
Avalanche win the series 4-2

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Day 9

April 17, 2008

Montréal Canadiens (1) vs. Boston Bruins (8)
Game 5: Canadiens 2 Bruins 5
Canadiens lead the series 3-2

Anaheim Ducks (5) @ Dallas Stars (5)
Game 4: Ducks 1 Stars 3
Stars lead the series 3-1

Washington Capitals (3) @ Philadelphia Flyers (6)
Game 4: Capitals 3 Flyers 4 (2OT)
Flyers lead the series 3-1

Minnesota Wild (3) vs. Colorado Avalanche (6)
Game 5: Wild 2 Avalanche 3
Avalanche lead the series 3-2

San Jose Sharks (2) vs. Calgary Flames (7)
Game 5: Sharks 4 Calgary 3
Sharks lead the series 3-2