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2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

April 13, 2009

They’re here.  Not that I care all that much being that the Stars aren’t in it, I will post about it anyway. 

Matches are set, and games begin Wednesday.

Eastern Conference
Boston Bruins (1) vs. Montreal Canadiens (8)

Washington Capitals (2) vs. New York Rangers (7)

New Jersey Devils (3) vs. Carolina Hurricanes (6)

Pittsburgh Penguins (4) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (5)

Western Conference
San Jose Sharks (1) vs. Anaheim Ducks (8)
This will definitely be one to watch.

Detroit Red Wings (2) vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (7)
Come on Blue Jackets!

Vancouver Canucks (3) vs. St. Louis Blues (6)

Chicago Blackhawks (4) vs. Calgary Flames (5)

Versus starts their playoff coverage Wednesday, starting with Game 1 between the Pens and the Flyers, then with the Blues in Vancouver.

Game on!

Halfway through the season…

January 19, 2009

Last season, I did a post showing where everyone was after exactly half a season of play, 41 games.  I did it again this year.  I actually spent about 2 hours getting it all in order last week but kept forgetting to post it.  We’re not a few games past the mid-season point, but whatevs.  Here is what the standings looked like.


Stars get a well deserved team win

January 3, 2009

New Years Eve hasn’t been the best for the Stars since 2002, which was their last win on the festive night.  The Stars made sure they ended 2008 with a bang, winning 4-2 over the New Jersey Devils.  Granted, the Devil’s team was tired having played the night before in St Louis.  The Stars used that to their advantage.

Despite having played the night before, the Devils came out strong at the beginning of the first.  The Stars got into penalty trouble because of this, but it was Loui Eriksson that got the scoring started.  He got the Stars first short-handed goal of the season to put them up 1-0.  The Devils came back to make the score 2-1 in their favor by the end of the second.

The Stars came out fighting in the second period, forcing the momentum going their way.  With hit after hit and the Devils taking penalty after penalty, Landon Wilson tied the game and Mark Parrish got a power play goal to give the Stars their second lead of the game.  They held the Devils to only 2 shots the entire period.

They came out hot again in the third, getting to finish a 5-on-3 that had transpired at the end of the second. Stars didn’t manage to get a goal, but it helped keep the momentum where they needed it.  To finish off the night, Loui Eriksson got his 20th goal of the season on the empty net to make the final 4-2.

All in all, it was a fantastic win for the Stars.  They played as a team, every player playing their role.  I think this was the first game, also, that we really got to see what Brian Sutherby is able to do.  2009 is definitely looking up.

Brodeur and the Devils shut out the Stars

October 22, 2008

Though, not to discredit the Devils, it wasn’t too hard to do.  The Devils played a great defensive game, getting Brodeur one shut out closer to having the most shut outs in the history of the NHL.

The Stars were awful, just awful.  We had one glimpse of happiness Monday, only to have it quickly taken away.  After letting in 3 goals, Turco was pulled and poor Stephan was sent in to deal with the mess that is the Stars defense.  I can’t put the blame on Turco completely, he had no support with the defense.  None.   Razor said Ludy must be wanting to puke, and he looked like it.  I was close.  The entire team seemed to take one sophomore defenseman’s take on the game which is just stand there and watch as everything happens around you.

So far, in 7 games the Stars have allowed 29 goals, the worst in the NHL.  That’s an average of 4.14 goals a game.  What the hell is going on?

I don’t even know what else to say.

Avery vs. Brodeur tomorrow night.

October 21, 2008

I don’t think anyone will forget this from the last playoff series:

As Ludy put it “this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.”  Let us hope that tomorrow night when the Stars visit the Devils we don’t see this agian.  The Devils are off to a great start this season going 4-1 in their first 5 games.  Brodeur has some extra motivation this year, since this is the year he will probably become the winningest goaltender in NHL history.  Good job Brodeur!!!  Game starts at 6!

A few other notes…

For those who haven’t seen yet, the Stars will be holding only one Dr. Pepper Luncheon this year.  It will take place November 18th at the American Airlines Center.  You can even sit at the table with a player!  The new 3rd jersey’s will be unveiled that night, as well, so you’ll get to be the first people to see it in person.  You can purchase your tickets here.

Also, Ralphie was on NHL Live today and was asked when Lehtinen and Zubov are returning.  His answer:

Zubov probably November 1st-ish, Lehtinen probably next week.


Quick Addition: Just checked some of the scores from tonight and Smitty FINALLY got his first win of the season in net with Tampa Bay!  3-2 in overtime against the Thrashers!

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Day 10

April 18, 2008

New Jersey Devils (4) vs. New York Rangers (5)
Game 5: Devils 3 Rangers 5
Rangers win the series 4-1

Detroit Red Wings (1) vs. Nashville Predators (8)
Game 5: Red Wings 2 Predators 1 (OT)
Red Wings lead the series 3-2

Anaheim Ducks (4) vs. Dallas Stars (5)
Game 5: Ducks 5 Stars 2
Stars lead the series 3-2

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Day 8

April 16, 2008

Pittsburgh Penguins (2) @ Ottawa Senators (7)
Game 4: Penguins 3 Senators 1
Pens sweep the Sens 4-0

New Jersey Devils (4) @ New York Rangers (5)
Game 4: Devils 3 Rangers 5
Rangers lead the series 3-1

Detroit Red Wings (1) @ Nashville Predators (8)
Game 4: Red Wings 2 Predators 3
Series tied 2-2

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Day 5

April 13, 2008

Washington Capitals (3) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (6)
Game 2: Capitals 0 Flyers 2
Series tied 1-1

Montréal Canadiens (1) @ Boston Bruins (8)
Game 3: Canadiens 1 Bruins 2 (OT)
Montréal leads the series 2-1

New Jersey Devils (4) @ New York Rangers (5)
Game 3: Devils 4 Rangers 3 (OT)
Rangers lead the series 2-1

San Jose Sharks (2) @ Calgary Flames (7)
Game 3: Sharks 3 Flames 4
Flames lead the series 2-1

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Day 3

April 12, 2008

I apologize for this being late, for I was out watching an American version of Hagman torturing those on the other team with his laser eyes.

Pittsburgh Penguins (2) vs. Ottawa Senators (7)
Game 2: Penguins 5 Senators 3
Penguins lead the series 2-0

Washington Capitals (3) vs. Philadelphia Flyers
Game 1: Capitals 5 Flyers 4

New Jersey Devils (4) vs. New York Rangers (5)
Game 2: Devils 1 Rangers 2
Rangers lead the series 2-0

Minnesota Wild (3) vs. Colorado Avalanche (6)
Game 2: Wild 3 Avalanche 2 (OT)
Series tied 1-1

The lovely games tonight

April 11, 2008

Pittsburgh Penguins (2) vs. Ottawa Senators (7)
Penguins lead the series 1-0
7pm ET – CBC, RDS

Washington Capitals (3) vs. Philadelphia Flyers

New Jersey Devils (4) vs. New York Rangers (5)
Rangers lead the series 1-0
7pm ET – TSN-ALT

Minnesota Wild (3) vs. Colorado Avalanche (6)
Avalanche lead the series 1-0

Also, I realized last night after the game during all my celebrating I have pulled a muscle right below my arm…that muscle right behind your boobs.  Ya.  It hurts.