2007-08 Shitlist

WHO: Steve Staios
WHY: For hitting Brenden, then hitting Midget.  You are no cool.

WHO: Tom Gilbert
WHY: For pushing Brenden Morrow over

WHO: Mike Commodore
WHY: I really don’t remember, I think he hit Brenden.  It doesn’t help that he’s  messing with Hagman in the picture

WHO: Jiri Novotny
WHY: For napping on Mike Modano

WHO: Mike Hasenfratz, Jonny Murray, Greg Kimmerly and Shane Heyer, the refs & linesmen from the Columbus game
WHY: For allowing Novotny to nap on Modano.

WHO: Dustin Brown
WHY: Hitting Ribeiro and making him bleed

WHO: The Chicago Blackhawks
WHY: Because both of Morrownator’s long-term injuries happened against this team

19 Responses to “Shitlist”

  1. jenn Says:

    this is the best shitlist EVER! i would like to make a nomiation: the sharks. all of them. because they are all douchholes (combo of douchebags and assholes – because they are both).

  2. Cat Says:

    WHO: Detroit Red Wings
    REASON: I don’t need one

    That made me laugh out loud, for real.

  3. Caitlin Says:

    that photoshop of bertuzzi makes me laugh SO HARD.

  4. jenn Says:

    i dont think renner has any room to be talking shit about anyone. one word: hair… is it really possible that the hair gets worse every single time he’s on tv?

  5. jenn Says:

    “you are not kosher” – hahahaha!!! seriously laughing my ass off at that one!

  6. Adam Says:

    You are right on eith all of these guys except you sadly left out Jordin Tootoo . He is the king of all things shitty .

  7. Jen Says:

    ahh evil tootoo
    he is next on my list!

  8. jenn Says:

    JackHull should be on the shitlist temporarily for getting rid of Jussi, Smitty & Halpie.

  9. thesigngirls Says:

    This is awesome! I think Tootoo would be a good addition to this list. This is good though.. one of the few hockey related things that made me laugh today.


  10. Caitlin Says:


  11. jenn Says:

    hahahaha! i agree that the tootoo picture is totally “ewwww”!!! tootoo – you blow.

  12. starsfan Says:

    LOVE the shitlist. I have a few suggestions, if I may :)

    and yes, a few of these are long time resentments I’ve held LOL

    * Brian Marchment – for being a class-A dirtbag and taking out Joe Neuwendyk (sp?) in the playoff series against Edmonton in the 97-98 season.

    * Colorado Avs – see Red Wings rule “dont need a reason”

    * Mike Ricci – for being an ugly annoying sumbitch

    * Doug Armstrong – for not resigning Jason Arnott for LESS $ and using precious salary funds to sign Grandma Lindros for MORE $. Yes, I *am* still bitter about that.

    * Doug Weight – cuz I just dont like him hahaha

    * Lindy Ruff – why yes, that WAS a goal. Buck Fuffalo! :) Who won the cup in 99? Umm we did. :)

  13. Dijea Coplin Says:

    Iwould have shitlisted Ric Renner for his hair alone.

  14. jenn Says:

    Yes yes yes to Brian Marchment!!! He’s the douchehole that hurt Modano TWICE!!!! and because he played on the Sharks.

  15. StarsFan Says:

    oh yes and Shane Doan of PHX – wait how about the entire Coyote team? Just cuz they are dirt bags. **UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT** You know, either “The Great One” is a dirty bastard or a pussy as a coach. Why do I spew forth such venom about one of the “greatest players ever”? Well.. he was not a dirty player but his team – that he coaches – is a bunch of dirtbags so either he coaches them to be dirty bastards or he has no control over them. Just sayin… Which is worse? Beats me. And yes, I expect to get pelted with you suck-o-grams so I’m putting on my helmet now : )

  16. jenn Says:

    I would like to make another nomination: Def Leppard & the Red Wings. Have you happened to see the video of the DL concert for the kick off of this season? Bob Sturm posted it on his blog on, under the Bob Sturm Blog: Videos & Mailbags story… The Hockey Gods are NOT going to be happy about that!!

  17. Jen Says:

    I’m waiting until we play the Detroit Red Wings before I put them on the shitlist haha

    And oh I saw that video, I couldn’t believe it. My mouth literally hit the floor, but I don’t know if I have the heart to put Def Leppard and their poor one-armed drummer on the shitlist, because I heart them.

  18. unstableblogger Says:

    LOL I’m still not exactly sure why Def Leppard was chosen for that particular engagement. There are plenty of bands that LOVE hockey that could have done it and not looked like idgets handling the cup.


    oh and I have a suggestion: please add Gary Bettman to your shitlist…. reason: he’s cornholing the NHL as we know it

  19. L.A.ROCKABILLY Says:


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