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The 2008 Icebreaker

September 15, 2008

So, before I get into the greatness that was Saturday, I would like to share some news I personally found exciting.  Last night, while searching through the satellite trying to find something to watch, something caught my eye; “Playoffs: Dallas Stars vs. Detroit Red Wings” was coming on in 20 minutes.  Um what?  So without noticing what channel it was, I switched to the station to see if I got it, and low and low and behold the Stars playing the Blues in Traverse City.  Yes, my satellite company now has the NHL network, and I am just the happiest little person ever in the universe.  That is all.

Now, onto the Icebreaker, another fun year!  More and more people show up every time, but it’s still fun.  I personally only got through 2 lines; Brad Richards and Midget & Russian and Fishsticks.  May I just say how amazed I was that Russian was there.  He did not look too pleased about it most of the time.  Darn contract!  Time for peectures!

Otter talking to the love people at FSN (OMG Stars Live starting soon…)