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Boo Boo officially off injured reserve

February 25, 2008

Patty was not the only one celebrating this; though I’m sure she was probably the loudest! I know we are all extremely excited to finally have Boucher back in our line up!!!! HEY HEY BOO BOO GLAD YOU’RE BACK!

nooobrenden.pngI don’t know if you noticed this during the games Friday and Saturday, but it is a no no. Brenden Morrow was apparently wacked in the eye during practice Thursday. As I said, this is a no no. It seems I need to have a talk with someone about proper Morrownator etiquette.

In other news, TSN is reporting that Stars are offering Tampa Bay a large package (that includes Mike Smith) for Brad Richards. All I have to say about this is no. No no no no no no no no no. NO! (And I swear to Baby Hockey Jesus if I find out Mittens is involved in this I will go balistic. At least I know Brenden is safe.)