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Liveblog: Final game of the season: Stars vs. Sharks

April 6, 2008


I figured with it being the last game of the season, one last regular season liveblog will be good. Okay, but why is Razor holding his mic like that? Wtf? I love them talking about the young guys, Fishsticks is so awesome. Yes oh yes he is. And what do you mean “if they get IN the series?” FISHSTICKS BETTER BE IN THE PLAYOFF SERIES RAZOR!

1st period

20:00: Of course, Marty is the getting the start. Come on Marty, let’s kick their ass.

19:32: Eriksson got a nice shot on Nabokov, which he stopped. Boo.

18:18: Winchester and Barch are playing on the same line. Lundqvist was on the starting line up, so I assume Richards and Ribeiro are both still out.

17:27: Otter is back after leaving the game Friday barfing. Ew.

16:05: Brenden, I love you. But let’s not turn the puck over to the Sharks.

15:47: Holy shit, good job Turco. He stopped 2 quick shots in a row.

15:30: Lehtinen is apparently out. But Mittens is back with Morrow, Ribeiro is still out. Modano is playing center on that line again. Jere has the Flu.

14:15: WINCHESTERRRR, awesome hit on Ozolinsh.

14:00: Someone is taking a penalty, and Barch starts talking with McLaren and Winchester comes over and he and Shelley get into it. McLaren apparently loves Barchie, seeing as he’s trying to undress him. San Jose taking a penalty! WOOT!!