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Stars will be picking 8th

April 15, 2009

The draft lottery was held last night, with the New York Islanders being the lucky team to get their ping pong ball picked.  So basically, nothing changes. 

This means Stars will be picking 8th in this years draft; that is if they don’t trade that pick away.

Playoffs begin TONIGHT on Versus with the Flyers @ the Pens at 6pm Central time! 

I’m still sad, so hopefully this cheers everyone up.  (I know I still love this)

2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

April 13, 2009

They’re here.  Not that I care all that much being that the Stars aren’t in it, I will post about it anyway. 

Matches are set, and games begin Wednesday.

Eastern Conference
Boston Bruins (1) vs. Montreal Canadiens (8)

Washington Capitals (2) vs. New York Rangers (7)

New Jersey Devils (3) vs. Carolina Hurricanes (6)

Pittsburgh Penguins (4) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (5)

Western Conference
San Jose Sharks (1) vs. Anaheim Ducks (8)
This will definitely be one to watch.

Detroit Red Wings (2) vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (7)
Come on Blue Jackets!

Vancouver Canucks (3) vs. St. Louis Blues (6)

Chicago Blackhawks (4) vs. Calgary Flames (5)

Versus starts their playoff coverage Wednesday, starting with Game 1 between the Pens and the Flyers, then with the Blues in Vancouver.

Game on!

2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs

May 21, 2008


Eastern Conference
Montréal Canadiens (1) vs. Boston Bruins (8)
Game 1: Canadiens 4 Bruins 1
Game 2: Canadiens 3 Bruins 2 (OT)
Game 3: Canadiens 1 Bruins 2 (OT)
Game 4: Canadiens 1 Boston 0
Game 5: Canadiens 2 Bruins 5
Game 6: Canadiens 4 Bruins 5
Game 7: Canadiens 4 Boston 0
Canadiens win the series 4-3

Pittsburgh Penguins (2) vs. Ottawa Senators (7)
Game 1: Penguins 4 Senators 0
Game 2: Penguins 5 Senators 3
Game 3: Penguins 4 Senators 1
Game 4: Penguins 3 Senators 1
Pens sweep in 4

Washington Capitals (3) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (6)
Game 1: Capitals 5 Flyers 4
Game 2: Capitals 0 Flyers 2
Game 3: Capitals 3 Flyers 6
Game 4: Capitals 3 Flyers 4 (2OT)
Game 5: Capitals 3 Flyers 2
Game 6: Capitals 4 Flyers 2
Game 7: Capitals 2 Flyers 3 (OT)
Flyers win the series 4-3

New Jersey Devils (4) vs. New York Rangers (5)
Game 1: Devils 1 Rangers 4
Game 2: Devils 1 Rangers 2
Game 3: Devils 4 Rangers 3 (OT)
Game 4: Devils 3 Rangers 5
Game 5: Devils 3 Rangers 5
Rangers win the series 4-1

Western Conference
Detroit Red Wings (1) vs. Nashville Predators (8)
Game 1: Red Wings 3 Predators 1
Game 2: Red Wings 4 Predators 2
Game 3: Red Wings 3 Predators 5
Game 4: Red Wings 2 Predators 3
Game 5: Red Wings 2 Predators 1 (OT)
Game 6: Red Wings 3 Predators 0
Red Wings win the series 4-2

San Jose Sharks (2) vs. Calgary Flames (7)
Game 1: Sharks 2 Flames 3
Game 2: Sharks 2 Flames 0
Game 3: Sharks 3 Flames 4
Game 4: Sharks 3 Flames 2
Game 5: Sharks 4 Calgary 3
Game 6: Sharks 0 Flames 2
Game 7: Sharks 5 Calgary 3
Sharks win the series 4-3

Minnesota Wild (3) vs. Colorado Avalanche (6)
Game 1: Wild 2 Avalanche 3 (OT)
Game 2: Wild 3 Avalanche 2 (OT)
Game 3: Wild 3 Avalanche 2 (OT)
Game 4: Wild 1 Avalanche 5
Game 5: Wild 2 Avalanche 3
Game 6: Wild 1 Avalanche 2
Avalanche win the series 4-2

Anaheim Ducks (4) vs. Dallas Stars (5)
Game 1: Ducks 0 Stars 4
Game 2: Ducks 2 Stars 5
Game 3: Ducks 4 Stars 2
Game 4: Ducks 1 Stars 3
Game 5: Ducks 5 Stars 2
Game 6: Ducks 1 Stars 4

Eastern Conference
Montreal Canadiens (1) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (6)
Game 1: Canadiens 4 Flyers 3
Game 2: Canadiens 2 Flyers 4
Game 3: Canadiens 2 Flyers 3
Game 4: Canadiens 2 Flyers 4
Game 5: Canadiens 4 Flyers 6
Flyers win the series 4-1

Pittsburgh Penguins (2) vs. New York Rangers (5)
Game 1: Penguins 5 Rangers 4
Game 2: Penguins 2 Rangers 0
Game 3: Penguins 5 Rangers 3
Game 4: Penguins 0 Rangers 3
Game 5: Penguins 3 Rangers 2
Penguins win the series 4-1

Western Conference
Detroit Red Wings (1) vs. Colorado Avalanche (6)
Game 1: Red Wings 4 Avalanche 3
Game 2: Red Wings 5 Avalanche 1
Game 3: Red Wings 4 Avalanche 3
Game 4: Red Wings 8 Avalanche 2
Red Wings sweep in 4

San Jose Sharks (2) vs. Dallas Stars (5)
Game 1: Sharks 2 Stars 3 (OT)
Game 2: Sharks 2 Stars 5
Game 3: Sharks 1 Stars 2 (OT)
Game 4: Sharks 2 Stars 1
Game 5: Sharks 3 Stars 2 (OT)
Game 6: Sharks 1 Stars 2 (4 OT)
Stars win the series 4-2

Eastern Conference
Pittsburgh Penguins (2) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (6)
Game 1: Pens 4 Flyers 2
Game 2: Pens 4 Flyers 2
Game 3: Pens 4 Flyers 1
Game 4: Pens 2 Flyers 4
Game 5: Pens 6 Flyers 0
Pens win the series 4-1

Western Conference
Detroit Red Wings (1) vs. Dallas Stars (5)
Game 1: Red Wings 4 Stars 1
Game 2: Red Wings 2 Stars 1
Game 3: Red Wings 5 Stars 2
Game 4: Red Wings 1 Stars 3
Game 5: Red Wings 2 Stars 2
Game 6: Red Wings 4 Stars 1
Red Wings win the series 4-2

Detroit Red Wings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
Game 1: Red Wings 4 Penguins 0
Game 2: Red Wings 3 Penguins 0
Game 3: Red Wings 2 Penguins 3
Game 4: Red Wings 2 Penguins 1
Game 5: Red Wings 3 Penguins 4
Game 6: Red Wings 3 Penguins 2

And with that, the Stars season is over

May 20, 2008

With a 4-1 win, the Wings pushed the Stars out of the running for the Stanley Cup Finals and ended their season. 

There isn’t much to say about this game, Detroit obviously wanted this series to finally end and they did everything needed to make sure that happened in game 6.  They got 3 goals in the first period, and a short handed goal in the second.  They shut down the Stars power play.  They shut the team down. 

But you have to give the Stars credit, despite it all, they fought back hard.  They never gave up, not even when there was only 10 seconds left and 3 goals needed to tie.

I am extremely proud of this team.  I feel the need to throw them my own victory parade; a victory for getting further than all the “experts” expected, a victory for getting all the monkey’s off their backs, a victory for not giving up and giving me a long post season to watch and enjoy.

With all that said, Go Pens!

Atta Boy Turco

May 18, 2008

I don’t think anyone in the NHL deserved that win more than Marty Turco. He finally beat Detroit at the Joe for the first time in his NHL career. The win also keeps the Stars in this series, with it now being 3-2.

The Stars came out hard, playing more desperation hockey, though they were unable to convert on their first power play of the game. Trevor Daley scored the first goal with assists from Brad Richards and Niklas Hagman. Then Daley took a penalty and with only 4 seconds left on their power play, the Wings Jiri Hudler scored to tie the game.

There were 3 penalties in the 2nd period, that either team were able to convert on. Joel Lundqvist gave the Stars their 2nd lead of the game 6 minutes in the second, with Marty Turco getting the assist. How fitting.

Tomas Holmstrom got the one and only penalty of the 3rd and it was quite possibly the dumbest penalty ever. Who ever thought it was a good idea to punch a player on the opposing bench while skating to your own? Detroit were able to kill that penalty, but the final was 2-1 Stars

This was a game no one can blame on phantom calls, the Stars earned this one fair and square, they were the better team. And man is it great to say that. They play again tomorrow here in Dallas.

and i promise to get the playoff stats updated soon

Back to Detroit we go

May 15, 2008

Finally, the Stars outplayed the Wings.  I never thought I’d see this day!  Marty got his 3rd win of his career against those blasted Red Wings.  Could the 3rd time be a charm?  I’m not saying we’re going to come back and win the next 3, but could this 3rd win finally get that monkey off his back and him not be beat every time?

Being backed up against the elimination wall seems to bode well for most teams.  The Stars finally did what they needed to do to get the win we so desperately needed.  And I’m not going to lie, we did get some help from the officials (IE: the no goal)  My stand on that goal is that, yes, I am glad we finally got a call in our favor, but this does not mean I agree with the call.  We have to admit it, that was a bogus call.  Probably a make up call from the goal that was allowed in Game 1. 

Dallas goals were scored by Loui Eriksson (yay swedish fish), Modano (MOJANGLES!!) and Brenden Morrow (Morrownatorrrr!).  My favorite thing ever was Brenden mentioning his ‘spin-around’ he did in the penalty box when he took that penalty at the end of the game.  Oh I wish I could’ve seen that.

I apologize if this seems scatterbrained and incomplete, I think my dog is going into labor so I’m a bit of a mess.

Game 4 tonight

May 14, 2008

So tonight is Game 4 of the Wings-Stars series.  The Stars season could end tonight, or could be extended to at least Saturday for a Game 5.  The game is broadcast on Versus, if you are in the D/FW metorplex and don’t have Versus, they are still holding watching parties for home games in the AT&T Plaza outside the AAC. 

For those attending the game, I just have one plea: no matter the outcome, no matter if we are playing hard, making mistakes, not converting on a power play, please do not boo the players.  I heard the booing Monday.  And if this does infact end up being the Stars last home game, do you really want their last memory of their home crowd being the crowd booing them?  Just cheer them on like you’ve never cheered them before!  I have faith. 

As for me, I’m just going to watch this game and enjoy the little things that make me love this team more and more everytime I see them play.  The way Mojangles jersey waves behind him like a little mini-mo flag, the way Ribeiro can lull the other team to sleep with his fancy schmancy plays, the way Morrownator can Morrownate anyone, and the fantastic saves Marty can make when the game is on the line.  Despite the score, I will find the greatness in this team tonight.

So, I’m not even sure what to say

May 13, 2008

Stars are now down 3-0 in the series after a 5-2 loss last night.  Only 2 teams in the history of the NHL have come back after going down 3-0.  As much as I love my team, I don’t see that happening against the Red Wings.  Granted, I’m still praying for a miracle.  The Red Wings team is a far too skilled, puck-possession team.  (Do you know how much it pains me to say that?)  The injuries that have plagued the Stars all season aren’t helping either.  While we were able to get through a few, having Lehtinen, Barnes and Boucher out at once, well we are definitely feeling that.

The Stars started out strong last night.  Nicklas Grossman scored his first NHL goal ever 15 minutes into the 1st period.  Unfortunately, his goal was bookended by goals from Datsyuckie.  Brad Richards managed to tie the game back up 3 minutes into the 2nd, but Jiri Hudler gave the Wings another lead less than 10 minutes later.

In the third period, Jitterbug gave the Wings a 2 goal lead with a short-handed goal just 1:33 into the period.  Pavel Datsyuk finished up the night with a hat trick, making the final score 5-2.

Stars head home down 2-0

May 11, 2008

Being that it’s Mother’s Day, I’m going to keep this a tad short.

Despite a 2-1 loss to the Wings last night, it’s definitely not over.  The Stars looked like they finally hadthemselves together.  They played tighter, and managed to keep the puck away from the Wings a good amount of time.

I’m really glad Brad Winchester is getting some playoff time now, he played extremely well against the Wings last night.  Jere Lehtinen left the game with a leg injury, and they used Eriksson on the Morrow-Ribeiro line.  Again, how many times are we going to try this combination?  It’s never really ‘clicked’ like the Morrow-Ribeiro-Miettinen line did.

The lone Dallas goal came from one of the top players this playoffs, Stéphane Robidas.  And extremely fitting that 2 of the other best players got the assists, Brenden Morrow and Mike Ribeiro.  Marty Turco, yet again, was great.  It’s really saddening that with his great play, he still has a 0 in the win column at the Joe.  Fistric was a healthy scratch, and they played Niskanen instead.  I was a tad worried, because Niskanen hasn’t been the best in the playoffs.  However, he really impressed me.  I guess the healthy scratches for a few games gave him some insight.

In other news, Brenden Morrow’s wife, Anne-Marie, gave birth to 2 bouncing babies today.  A boy (Brady) and a girl (Mallory).  (Info thanks to Heika)

That was painful

May 9, 2008

Extremely.  Stars fall 1-0 in the series after being dominated 4-1 by the Wings.  So what went wrong?  As Tippett put it after the game, you can’t put this loss on Turco, this time it was the people in front of him.

Maybe they weren’t completely recovered from the quadruple overtime played Sunday night/Monday morning.  I’m going to just tell myself that was it.  Everyone looked sluggish and spent a lot of the time standing around.  The loss on this game is completely on the Stars unable to get done what needed to be done.  Not to discredit the Red Wings, however, because they are a good good team.  The Stars hardly put up a fight though, and in doing that allowed the Red Wings to step all over them. 

So what about Saturday?  The Stars aren’t going to lay down and just let the Wings step all over them again.  I’m fully expecting them to regroup and come back as the team we saw in the first 2 rounds.  Mike Babcock mentioned that in his post game interview, that he thinks they were still a little fatigued from the draining game 6 against the Sharks and expects to come back full force Saturday.  I appreciate you giving us the benefit of the doubt Babcock.  It makes me think you might not actually be a minion of Satan.

So here’s to putting this game behind us and starting anew Saturday, please.


  • Not take so many penalties, especially early
  • Stop turning the puck over
  • Move the feet
  • Score goals
  • Give Turco the support he needs ALL the time