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Liveblog: Stars vs. Sharks 02/23/09

February 23, 2009

So it’s no secret, my updates have definitely not been up to par lately.  I blame this on one thing; one word with 10 letters.  Addiction.  Yes, my friends I have developed a very unhealthy addiction to something called the Wii.  I have decided that the system is extremely evil (butomgiloveitsomuch), especially when playing a game that involves Yoshi.

So, here is a liveblog to force me to update as the Sharks visit Dallas.  The NHL is on Versus and The Shootout.

Before the game even starts, we get bad news the Mo is a late scratch with the flu.  This does not bode well for a team already missing 3 big names.

1st period
Stars start with Parrish, Sutherby and Neal. That seems..interesting.

19:06: At least one line is still in tact, Ribbons with Lehts and Otter.

17:40: Oh Roenacker.  I forgot about you.

16:28: *clap clap* *clap clap* I miss games at the AAC.

16:00: Do my eyes deceive me?  Did I just see Nisky check someone?  I’m in shock.  And in need of more Red Bull.

15:00: Eriksson is out with Brunnstrom and Petersen in the middle.  That could be a promising line!  Toby’s been playing pretty well lately.


Sharks beat Stars 3-1

December 30, 2008

Despite the score, it was a good game for the Stars.  When going up against the best team in the league, you have to be on top of your game.  The Stars managed to keep up, generating great scoring chance after scoring chance.  The only problem was that Nabokov was on his game.  At some points it looked like he had super stretch powers like Stretch Armstrong.

There were a lot of positives to take from this game.  The Stars played together, which was one of their biggest issues in the beginning of the season.  Instead of getting frustrated that their efforts were being thwarted by Mr. Stretch, they just kept at it.  They kept the Sharks to under 20 shots, which is no easy feat with the way they are playing this season.  But Nabokov wouldn’t have it, and pulled it out for his team.

Hopefully the Stars can close out 2008 with a win.

The three stars of the game were

  1. Evgeni Nabokov
  2. Jonathan Cheechoo
  3. Mike Modano

Though, i think Nabokov deserves all 3, well 4 actually, one for each limb.

Wow. Just wow.

November 28, 2008

You’d have to expect this when the 30th team in the league plays the 1st.  Stars got their asses handed to them.  Loui Eriksson and James Neal got the only two Stars goals, the only good that came of this game.

Final was 6-2.

I need a shower to wash the suck off.

Liveblog: Stars @ Sharks 11/08/08

November 8, 2008

Hey what is this?  A liveblog?  I figured why not!  Since a lot of people might not get to see the first part of the game.

Check back here at game time!


They’ve got Bob Sturm in studio with Ric Renner, Mr. Hair with Mr. No Hair.  They talk about stringing 2 wins in a row, and how the Ducks and Sharks are the two teams we knocked out of the playoffs last season. (Wow really?  I had no idea.)

Now talking of Russian, that will not make him happy.   They mention that against the Sharks, Marty is 20-7-1-4, so things are looking up.    The ford Trivia question is  “Who has the most career assists against the San Jose Sharks?” with Lidstrom, Modano, Sakic and Selanne being your choices.  We’ll see who the answer is.  And now they’re running the segment on Richards that I have now seen about 50 times.

Razor is interviewing Mark Parrish.  He seems like a nice man!  I like him, especially after last night.  And Joe Sakic wins the battle with 47 assists against the Sharks.  Time for Sturm’s last night (talking about how Marty Turco needs to be a brick wall) and LET’S GET THIS SHIT STARTED!!

1st Period

Ralphie’s tie doesn’t really match his suit, and it bothers me.  In other news (not mentioned on the broadcast), Lehtinen is still a no-go for tonight, Richards is in.

20:00: First up is Otter-Richards-Eriksson.  And my feed looks a little green?  I guess for Stars morale?  Thought it seems to be straightening out.

19:00: Modano out with Parrish and Avery.  Unlike the first line, the Mo line actually got it to the Sharks end.  This is where we need to be guys.  Harder for them to score 5 from that side.

19:33: Ribeiro is out with Morrow and Fabi again. And are doing much better than the first 2 lines, as they should be.  Being that they ARE the ‘top line’.

17:31: and Marleau is leaving after being hit with a puck I believe from another Sharks player.  That sucks for you.  Especially with no Cheechoo.

And I just read on Heika that the Sharks fans boo when the word “star” is said in the national anthem. And people say we’re disrespectful?  First booing the O Canada, now this?


129:03 minutes

May 5, 2008

The 3rd longest playoff game in franchise history is over and the Stars came out on top 2-1.  This is one for the books folks.  My wrist is killing me, so I’ll keep this short.

4 players (Robi, Morrow, Zubov, Ribbons) had over 50 minutes of play in this game.

It’s extremely fitting that the game winning goal was scored by Brenden Morrow with Robidas and Ribeiro getting the assists.

The Three Stars are

  1. Marty Turco
  2. Evgeni Nabokov
  3. Brenden Morrow

And I couldn’t agree more.  Nabokov was just as brilliant with his saves as Marty, so you can’t fault him.  Between the two goalies, they made 114 saves.

I believe.

Liveblog: Stars vs. Sharks – Game 4

April 30, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve liveblogged, figured this would be a good game to do it. I actually got home just in time, so let’s get this started shall we?

18:44: Sharks get a good little scramble in front of the net, but Turco being his awesome self sweeps it aside.

17:52: Fishsticks got a nice shot on goal, but it went just a little wide.

16:11: Michalek gets a hard shot, but Turco is awesome and stops that too. Good boy Turks. They are going on about his awesome save percentage in the playoffs.

15:55: Some NICE passing gets Lehtinen right on net, but Nabokov stops it. Fake russian has been pretty good!

15:40: HEEEE Josie Grossie got a NICE hit on Jumbo.

14:52: Hey it’s Toby! With Stu being out from that hit yesterday, Petersen was put in. He’s been out since Zubov has returned so they can dress 7 defensemen.


14:11: Are you serious? One little push and Setoguchi and he goes flailing on the ice. Okay, so it wasn’t one little push. But Modano is taking a penalty.


How about that Matti Norstrom?

April 30, 2008

No, seriously.  That friendly Swede is having an amazing playoff run.  Not only did he help with Morrownators OT goal in game 1, but scored it in game 3 to put the Stars up 3-0 in the series. 

Last night, the Sharks came out to win, and that definitely showed in the first 2 periods.  Patrick Marleau who seemed almost invisible the first 2 games managed to score an unassisted short handed goal to put the Sharks up 1-0 in the first period.  The lead held until the 3rd period. 

The Stars started both the second andthird periods on a power play.  They ended up having a 5-3 30 seconds into the 3rd period, and it was that that got the Stars rolling.  Sergei Zubov, in only his 2nd game back, got one past Nabokov to make it 1-1.  Mike Ribeiro and Brad Richards assisted on that goal, what a group.  From then on, it was a full out attack from the Stars end, controlling most of the play.  Neither team, however, was able to get the puck past either goalie, despite Hagman getting an unsuccessful penalty shot 10 minutes into the 3rd, so it was time to go to overtime for the 2nd time this series.

What is there to say, the Stars never let up.  They kept grinding and wore down what came to be a very tired Sharks team.  Then, over 4 minutes into the first OT, Ribeiro got the puck to Norstrom who shot it.  It deflected off of a Shark and went in.   Perfect.

Both goalies played extremely well and both gave their teams a chance to win, the Stars just had more want and desire in them to get what needed to be done done.  They go again tonight at 8pm, This will be interesting.

This seems oddly familiar…

April 28, 2008

Coming home with a 2-0 lead in the series.  I haven’t seen the Stars play this well in the playoffs since…I couldn’t tell you when because it’s been that long.  What is awesome is this time around, our best players have been our best players, and everyone else has contributed.  They are playing as a full team, and boy does it feel great. 

Stars allowed a goal 10 minutes into the first (stupid Pavelski) and Ribeiro countered 5 minutes later.  The Stars got into penalty trouble, taking 4 in the first period alone, with the Sharks only taking 1.   Luckily, the one Stars goal was the only one allowed through all the penalties.

San Jose took their second lead of the game in the second period and claimed the only goal to be scored that period.  Stupid Michalek.  AND STUPID CRAIG RIVET.  (I still hate you.)

But then the third period came, and the Stars dominated.  AFter a bad call on Modano, the refs decided to even it up by making a bad call on the Sharks.  Don’t you love our officiating?  Before the penalties, however, leave it to Brad Richards to get an unassisted goal to tie the game up.  Good boy Sparky, good boy.  And that ‘make it even’ penalty the Sharks took?  Mike Modano cashed in giving the Stars a 3-2 lead.  Zubov assisted on the goal, it’s good to see that crazy Russian back.  Then finally, FINALLY, Hagman got his goal.  That poor Finn has been playing like a damn psycho and it’s finally paid off.  HE also netted an empty-netter with 1:15 left to play.  Nice way to finish it off I’d say…

And the three Stars were:

  1. Niklas Hagman
  2. Brenden Morrow
  3. Marty Turco

It’s good to see the star pickers in San Jose aren’t as biased as the ones in Anaheim. *coughBradMaycough*.  Though I’m surprised Brad Richards didn’t show up in there, having 1 goal and 3 assists.

*insert funny shark noise here*

April 26, 2008

What sound do sharks make exactly? Either way, this picture says it all

Stars had their first overtime game of this years playoffs, and it came out in their favor. Brenden Morrow got his 2nd goal of the night to give the Stars a 1-0 lead. Hells ya. I’ll write a real review tomorrow when I’m not exhausted, BUT GO STARS!

Oh, and Brenden Morrow was the number 1 star of the night! THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT NHL.

Liveblog: Final game of the season: Stars vs. Sharks

April 6, 2008


I figured with it being the last game of the season, one last regular season liveblog will be good. Okay, but why is Razor holding his mic like that? Wtf? I love them talking about the young guys, Fishsticks is so awesome. Yes oh yes he is. And what do you mean “if they get IN the series?” FISHSTICKS BETTER BE IN THE PLAYOFF SERIES RAZOR!

1st period

20:00: Of course, Marty is the getting the start. Come on Marty, let’s kick their ass.

19:32: Eriksson got a nice shot on Nabokov, which he stopped. Boo.

18:18: Winchester and Barch are playing on the same line. Lundqvist was on the starting line up, so I assume Richards and Ribeiro are both still out.

17:27: Otter is back after leaving the game Friday barfing. Ew.

16:05: Brenden, I love you. But let’s not turn the puck over to the Sharks.

15:47: Holy shit, good job Turco. He stopped 2 quick shots in a row.

15:30: Lehtinen is apparently out. But Mittens is back with Morrow, Ribeiro is still out. Modano is playing center on that line again. Jere has the Flu.

14:15: WINCHESTERRRR, awesome hit on Ozolinsh.

14:00: Someone is taking a penalty, and Barch starts talking with McLaren and Winchester comes over and he and Shelley get into it. McLaren apparently loves Barchie, seeing as he’s trying to undress him. San Jose taking a penalty! WOOT!!