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Youth hockey and a house tour

February 22, 2009

So today I had the pleasure of taking in some youth hockey at the American Airlines Center this afternoon, the Duncanville Black Bears vs. Grapevine Blackhawks.  It was a really special afternoon for many youth hockey players in the metroplex.   Not only did they get the opportunity to play on the same ice the Stars do, but to also get to sit on their benches, sit in their penalty boxes and skate onto through the very awesome Dallas Stars star complete with smoke.  It’s a really special thing for these kids, and shows a lot about the Dallas Stars ogranization. I really recommend checking out one of the many youth games at various Dr Pepper StarCenter locations.

And, to end this; here is a lovely video of a mini-tour of Casa de Turco care of his father Gino where we learn about Turco’s Trust Circle and Gino’s Oprah watching.